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CORPS become functional, we are yet to reach the fullness of this vision!

We trust God and we know that faithful is he that has called us and he will do it! Let’s quickly add that, the following arms/departments and subsidiary ministries cannot actually to be said to be conclusive or exhaustive! As God continues to illuminate our minds and open our hearts of understanding, the dynamics of the CORPS vision will be better understood, grasped and executed!

At this moment and stage of our development, the following arms/departments and subsidiary ministries constituting Revival CORPS are hereby briefly outlined:

The Lord laid it on our hearts to spearhead a systematic prayer movement that will guarantee 24 hours continuous prayers non-stop for a considerable period of time! It is not like the conventional 24 hours praying where people claim to be praying round the clock without setting apart any particular time to pray! No!

On the contrary, on a daily basis, individual participants are expected to set aside, a period of one hour to be dedicated to a given set of prayers, meditation and study of the word! The participants are to strive to make that particular chosen hour sacrosanct to nothing else but this exercise! So for every hour of a day, there should be a participant who has ‘taken’ that time to pray! And when that is achieved, it would mean that, 24 persons, at the very least, have prayed round the clock for that day, though separately and individually but with a common prayer focus!

For instance, we have already started “test-running” this exercise, through our MONTHLY 24 HOURS PRAYER CHAIN that holds every last Saturday of the month! CORPS MISSIONS

As part of the vision that God has given us, we are persuaded that God shall ultimately have us operate without necessarily or solely depending on “Ministry Partners/Supporters” for the funding of the work and in order to achieve our aims and objectives as an organization/Ministry!

Its task would also include, ‘empowering’ members to enable them be better off financially and economically! The BOARD shall be manned by members who are business and economics expert with proven records!      

NB: Currently, our members/friends also double as our partners! Thus, heralding this arm!

We are persuaded that God has called us to explore every available, acceptable medium of mass communication, in order to propagate the gospel without any form of limitation! Hence, we are trusting God to own a television Station, (possibly, Global Gospel Television (G.G. Tv) by name), a Radio Station, (Possibly, CORPS Radio), etc.!

Presently, The Revival Corps is our maiden edition of our official magazine! And we are confident that it heralds days of better things to come! 

We equally trust that by God’s grace, we are going to have our own publications done by this particular department!  So we shall print our books, tracts, magazine, etc.

The House will also attend to works from outside Revival CORPS.

It is our strong belief that in order to encourage both members and non-members to cultivate the habit of reading, maintaining a well-stocked Library will be key to serving the society!

Also having Bookshops shall further enrich our services in this direction! 

We believe that in order to begin to set the right examples and in order to be dynamic in our approach to the propagation of the gospel, there is need model the kind of films and music that Christians should listen to or watch!

We believe that even this “field” is an opening where the gospel can make a difference!

We are persuaded that God will have us train believers that would be given to the End-time call of God for missions! Through this arm, we trust God that we shall have proper education of believers who want to go to the Missions’ fields!

We are also going to have this arm, raise a Missions conscious generation of believers! Such that believers, will awaken to God’s call upon us all to be missions minded! And not only that, so that we can be equipped to live as “missionaries” wherever we find ourselves!

We believe that we equally have a mandate to raise a generation who want to seek the revival of the end-time church. This arm shall be instrumental towards this end!

This is a major part of the efforts of Revival CORPS to take care of the poor, the naked, the homeless, and all those acutely deprived of the necessities of life! We want to use this medium to address the endless poverty that embattles our doomed world!

We believe that the Church is the last hope of mankind, the only “Jesus” that this world will ever have, living in her midst until the second coming of Christ!

This is our contribution towards the fight against corruption! We believe that if we are to shine as lights in the darkness of this world, we must rise to take our proper place by standing as a voice against the gross corruption that daily raid our countries off its limited resources!

We trust that as God begins to revive the church, the members of the body of Christ, shall be the first to cleanse herself off the dirt of the deceitfulness of riches and the love of money! We begin to take our place as examples in establishing the right standards as we equally voice out our disapproval of the age long systemic corruption that has long crippled our society! Thereby championing the cause against all shades of corruption!

Similar to our Crusade against corruption, this arm shall be an arm that is given to the restoration of hope to our Nation by striving to re-enforce the ideals and values that make for an excellent nation building!

It shall be a non-governmental organization that shall champion the cause of re-orientating the teeming youth of our nation, towards the realization and rebirth of a NEW NIGERIA! 

There shall be a gathering that shall convene Christians all over the world in order to re-fire ourselves in the light of our Mission and Vision as an Organization.


The vision began to crystallize into its present form in early 2009. And by December, 2010 we had our first short term missions outreach at Epe Area of Lagos State! At that first outreach, we were just a group of youths between ages 18 – 22! This was just when things began taking shape!

Before things began to take shape, sometimes in 2007, God laid it in the heart of a group of teenagers, who was then led by Bro David J. Egbochuo to begin praying for the revival of the church! So these secondary school students began from the local church where they worshipped. And they began sharing their burden in special presentations and ministrations during church programmes. They sang songs, wrote articles or chaired the prayer team of the teen’s department!

Meanwhile, while God kept grooming the burden in Bro  David, He was doing even a similar work in Bro. Dada Adeleke. Eventually, God orchestrated a very great friendship between Bro David and Dada Adeleke. And for a very long period of time, they shared the same neighborhood. And at some points they even shared the same Junior Secondary school, same roof, same bed, same plate of food, same prayer and bible study times, same personal evangelism outreach times and many other things they shared in common, that time would fail one to mention! In fact, despite the odds, and even against initial parental objections, they stood together and have become more like brothers now!

It was in this intimacy and shared activity, they realized the burden God had laid on their hearts and the vision they had in common! And that was how they both came together to agree to obey God and carry out the vision after much prayers and meditations in the word! So on the 28th of December, 2008 Bro David put pen on paper and tried as his young 18 (eighteen) years old mind could, to describe the vision God had, for a good period of time, burdened their young hearts with! And the account was entitled “The C.O.R.P.S. Vision”* And Over the years, as the vision gets more vivid with many confirmatory signs that could only have been from God, God has brought in many more great friends who have made the vision even more viable! Meanwhile, Bro David and Adeleke have become like David and Jonathan of Old in friendship and like Aaron and Moses in Ministry


Short Missions Trips

As a ministry, our number one priority is missions as commissioned by Jesus Christ. As discussed earlier, we engage youths in short missions outreaches. HTP {Hunting The Perishing} is our general mission outreach program where we gather together all over nations especially on DECEMBER 25th. Also, we organize short missions outreach depending on the squad. E.g student weekend missions outreach, field visit etc.


we conduct missions training for students, church members and fellowship presidents. We do organize muslim evangelism program for those with vision to reach the Islamic world.


As a missions agency, one of our responsibility is to lunch into campuses to challenge and fire their hearts for the global vision for the nations. We also, go to churches or different denomination to seek for a way we can share the burden of missions to church members.

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